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A Statement from DOJ GEN on DOJ Leadership

In recent months, DOJ GEN members have expressed increasing concerns about appointments within the Department of Justice that represent a largely homogenous new leadership. DOJ GEN crowd-sourced publicly-available information from members and compiled the chart below. The lack of women in top-level positions is alarming.

We believe that the lack of gender diversity in top-level leadership makes the Department more insular and less effective, and diminishes employee morale. In contrast to the progress we’d seen over past decades, few women  are among the President’s nominees for United States Attorneys. There are almost no women in appointed leadership roles in the Antitrust Division, Civil Division, Civil Rights Division, Criminal Division, Environment & Natural Resources Division, and Tax Division.

The work of the Department of Justice, perhaps more than any other federal agency, concerns issues that affect the rights and liberties that are guaranteed to each and every American by the United States Constitution. When the Department itself reflects the diversity of the various communities it serves, then the American public has greater confidence in the Department’s decisions. 

DOJ GEN Chart on DOJ Leadership

SES positions.JPG

Chart on DOJ Leadership and Gender in the Litigating Components

This chart compiles information about top-level DOJ leadership at the DAAG level and above. All the information is publicly available, but has not been made available by DOJ in any current and centralized location. This information was compiled by DOJ GEN members. We have made best efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information, but are not certain every entry is current.


Letter to AAGs from DOJ GEN on Lack of Gender Equality at Leadership Level

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