Who We Are

Our Mission

The Department of Justice Gender Equality Network (“DOJ GEN”) is a recognized organization that promotes the equal and supportive treatment of employees and contractors regardless of gender.  Our membership is open to employees and contractors in all DOJ components in all geographic regions.

DOJ GEN’s mission is to:

  • Support the Department in developing and implementing effective policies and practices to enhance equality of opportunity regardless of gender, foster an inclusive workplace, and prevent gender-based discrimination in all Departmental activities;

  • Work with the Department to ensure an inclusive, safe and healthy work environment by preventing sexual harassment and related conduct, and by ensuring fair application of EEO and personnel laws, policies, and procedures;

  • Promote, support, and mentor women for leadership and management positions in the Department; support equality of opportunity in career and leadership development; and foster related networking;

  • Help disseminate information about, and strengthen practices related to, Department employee issues, including workplace flexibility; family and caregiver supports; pregnancy, childbirth, and adoption; and providing education about and overcoming barriers to inclusion and opportunity;

  • Encourage inclusiveness in DOJ GEN membership and encourage considerations of intersectionality in DOJ GEN activities; and

  • Support information-sharing, networking, and cross-component collaboration on issues of importance to DOJ GEN members.

Board Members